Ayeneh Boutique Hotel is located in Khaja Khizr neighborhood of Yazd. Khajeh Khizr neighborhood is limited to Amirchakhmaq neighborhood from the north, Shesh Badgiri neighborhood from the south, qasabha and panbeh-karan neighborhoods from the east, and Imam Khomeini street from the west. According to historical texts, the original name of this neighborhood was “Pai Bor” which after the burial of Maulana Sharafuddin Khizr, one of the scholars of Ahed Al Muzaffar, in this neighborhood was named after him. According to the available evidence, the mentioned house dates back to the Qajar period, which underwent many changes in the Pahlavi period.

The mentioned project was referred to the group at a stage of construction when the main structural restoration of the building was done. Aineh Boutique Hotel was formed from the merger of two adjacent houses. According to the intended use client asked for, the need for the integrity of the complex and having diverse and functional spaces, the common wall between the two Talars was removed so that in addition to strengthening the longitudinal axis of the complex, the collective space of the complex is formed by merging these two Talars.

According to the interventions made in the building and the client’s desire to have significant details, some details were used in the building in order to maintain the originality of the building, to create a pattern for repetition in the rest of the spaces and to create a greater integration of the spaces with each other. On the other hand, by avoiding false historicization of the building, the details used, in addition to being in harmony with the building, are self-evident that the decorations used are contemporary, and the decorations designed specifically for this boutique hotel can also be used in its branding.

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