The Goft-e-Gou (dialogue) house is one of our valuable projects; Valuable because during the design process, several discussions about the nature of the project were held with the client. The client asked us for a house with a classic facade with matching stone details in the first place. At the end of the day, it was the dialogues and interaction between the two parties that formed the nature of the project and this project in our studio was called Goft-e-Gou.
According to the client’s need to serve food on ground for a large crowd in some days of the year, the floor of the courtyard was considered to be level with the reception room so that the courtyard and the reception can work together if needed. For this purpose, greenery and vegetation were also placed around the walls to create an empty space in the center of the yard in addition to controlling the view from the outside to the inside of the building.

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