The building, which we gave the name “barcode” due to its mass shape, is located on a triangular site with an area of 190 square meters, surrounded by 3 local streets, adjacent to Yazd watercourse. The client asked for a building with 4 office floors and considering commercial use in the basement floor; While the parking and service spaces are also respected.

But the shape, dimensions and location of the site had presented us with urban challenges such as overlooking the low-rise residential context of the neighborhood of the site. Finally, considering the commercial nature of the building, the design team decided to design special awnings for the south facade and a layered shell for the west facade. With this approach, in addition to controlling the view to the nearby buildings, it prevented the direct access of inappropriate radiation and made it possible to create a light-filled space inside the building. It also made it possible to see the direction of the watercourse.

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