In the Dehkhoda dictionary, it is stated: Tamasha is to look at something out of luck or out of a lesson. Tamasha is used to mean something that looks at it with surprise or enthusiasm. Looking at things that bring joy or cause Longing and sadness and teach a lesson. Tamasha bridge over Chamran Boulevard in Shiraz, in the area of Qasr Dasht gardens, is designed to connect the axis of the Salamat path in the southern part of the river and the Chamran pedestrian walkway and is a platform for watching the happenings around your environment that arise from the needs of the project. The bridge is considered as a pedestrian link between two urban and natural areas.

Despite the common approach in the design of bridges with a purely transitive function, this bridge is a space for presence, lingering, seeing and watching. For this purpose, green spaces and vegetation as well as restaurants, cafes and galleries on its different levels have been designed to increase the durability of people’s presence in the space.
At its highest point, the bridge plays a role as an urban viewpoint and can be a space to see the life of gardens, heights, river and city. Tamasha Crossing pedestrian bridge is a place to see, experience and most importantly to watch Shiraz.

  • Span: 350 m2
  • Height: 30 m
  • Number of floors: 3 floors

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